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What is Destiny Tuning ?


Destiny Tuning is an approach to take control of your future and effectively manifest the things you want into your life. The best way to live your Life is to Create it by Yourself. But is that really possible ?

Most of the people in this world will be surprised to know that “YES” it is possible to create the life you want. But if you want to create your Dream Life, you must understand how Life Works. You must also understand how the Universal Laws work in our Lives which are affecting every single second of our lives.

There are 3 Universal Laws which you must learn if you want to do Destiny Tuning –

1. Law of Attraction is the 1st of the laws that we will offer, If you don’t understand it you can’t use 2nd Law – The Science of Deliberate Creation and 3rd Law – Are of Allowing. The Law of Attraction says – “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” While this may sound simple but it defines the most powerful law in the Universe, a law that affects all things at all the times. Nothing exist that is unaffected by this Law.

2. The 2nd Law is The Science of Deliberate Creation. It states that which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect – is. In short, you get what you are thinking about, weather you want it or not. A deliberate application of thought is really what The Science of Deliberate Creation is about, for if you do not understand these laws, and deliberating applying them, then you may very well be creating by Default.

3. The 3rd law is Art of Allowing. It says I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow others to be that which they are. When you are willing to allow others to be as they are, even in their non allowing of you, then you will be an Allower.

An understanding of these 3 powerful Universal Laws and deliberate application of them, will lead you to the joyous freedom of being able to create your own life experience exactly as you want it to be.

Next step is to make your 10 Shot Term Desires and then start writing your life from Day 1 to Day 30 of next month like you are living today in present tense. 

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